9781870606110Street Shrines of Kirtipur, Nepal: as long as the sun and moon endure

Mehrdad Shokoohy; Natalie H. Shokoohy; Sukra Sagar Shrestha

London, publication date: 30 April 2014

440 pp; illus: 168 colour photographs; 320 monochrome photographs; 9 maps; 11 diagrams, 3 Appendices, glossary, bibliography, index

ISBN: 978-1-870606-11-0 Hardback

                          PRICE: £58.00  plus p&p; US$78.00 plus p&p


Religious Art, Buddhist worship/rites, Hindu worship/rites, Oriental art, Asian history, Sculpture, Society and culture general, Museology and heritage studies, History, Nepal, Modern period 1500 on, Nepali, Sanskrit, Newari, Epigraphy, Urban form.

9781870606103_TUGHTughluqabad: a paradigm for Indo-Islamic urban planning and its architectural components

Mehrdad Shokoohy & Natalie H. Shokoohy

London, publication date December 2007

272pp. 330 illustrations including maps, survey drawings and photographs, 3 appendices, bibliography, index


ISBN: 978-1-870606-10-3 Hardback


                           PRICE: £38.00 plus p&p;  US$52.00 plus p&p

UDS_Leaflet_CoverUrban Design Studies

Annual of the University of Greenwich Urban Design Unit


The series Urban Design Studies explores all aspects of urban design, including the way it is taught, in articles by leading practitioners and academics. The series is still essential reading for those involved in research and debate on all issues which have a bearing on the design of our urban envir­onments.


8 volumes ISSN 1358-3255  Hardback

VOLUME 1 (1995)

ISBN 987-1-870606-04-02

VOLUME 2 (1996)

ISBN 978-1-870606-03-5

VOLUME 3  (1997)

ISBN 978-1-870606-05-9

VOLUME 4 (1998)

ISBN 978-1-870606-06-6

VOLUMES 5 & 6 (2000)

ISBN 978-1-870606-07-3

VOLUME 7 (2001)

ISBN 978-1-870606-08-0

VOLUME 8 (2002)

ISBN 978-1-870606-09-7

Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8:             PRICE:  £30.00 plus p&p;    US$40.00   plus p&p

Volumes 5 and 6 bound together:   PRICE:  £50.00 plus p&p;    US$67.00   plus p&p

Set of 8 volumes (special offer):     PRICE:  £230.00 plus p&p;  US$307.00 plus p&p

Kirtipur_front_cover_SMALLER_FILEKirtipur: an Urban Community in Nepal - its People, Town Planning, Architecture and Arts  


Mehrdad Shokoohy & Natalie H. Shokoohy


London, publication date  1994

258 pp. 150 plates, 17 maps, 38 architectural drawings, 18 inscriptions, 10 graphs and tables, glossary, bibliography, index.


ISBN: 978-1-870606-02-8  Hardback


Reprinted on glossy Art Paper with enhanced images.

PRICE: £43.00 plus p&p;   US$58.00 plus p&p


“The best overall introduction to the town and its architecture”

(George Michell, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1996)

SPECIAL OFFER: £10.00 plus p&p; US$17.00 plus p&p if ordered directly from Araxus together with Street Shrines of Kirtipur

In conjunction with the launch of Street Shines of Kirtipur, Nepal: as long as the sun and moon endure we are offering this earlier publication at a special discount for a limited period.

Hisar-i Firuza: Sultanate and Early Mughal Architecture in the District of Hisar, India


Mehrdad Shokoohy & Natalie H. Shokoohy


London, publication date 1988

138 pp., 47 architectural drawings and maps, 142 monochrome photographs, index


ISBN 978-1-870606-00-4  Paperback


PRICE: £19.00 plus p&p;   US$ 26.00 plus p&p


                        ISBN 978-1-870606-01-1  Hardback


                        PRICE £27.00 plus p&p;   US$37.00 plus p&p


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